Predictive Profiling


Course Credits:  15 Credits @ Level 5

This course introduces students to the kinds of information and ways of thinking that they are likely to encounter when profiling passengers. Using real life examples and role playing exercises students will be taught the art of profiling and how it be carried out quickly and effectively. They will gain the ability to construct evidence-based arguments on which to base decisions.

Course Modules

  • Profiling – the concept and the need
  • Current uses of profiling
  • Implementing profiling
  • Analyzing population for profiling
  • Irregularity interpretation
  • Observation and detailed analysis techniques
  • Significant past events and the use of profiling
  • Questioning techniques
  • Profiling practice workshop


Each course has a preparation stage which involves 15 hours of self learning and ensures that you have the basic knowledge required to participate in the course. You will be provided with articles to read and videos to watch that will give you an initial understanding of the key modules within the course.


The seminar stage involves 3 days (22 hours) of intensive training from Middlesex University and Renful Premier Technologies approved security tutors.  These expert security trainers will impart their knowledge and skills using their own experience in the security industry as well as through the use of advanced security technology developed by Renful Premier Technologies.


The E-Learning stage of the course involves 12 weeks (219 hours) of online self learning. You are provided online course material and the use of a range of E-learning technologies developed by Renful Premier Technologies from which you will gain the knowledge and skills required to pass the course’s assessments.


Assessments will be carried out both during the seminar and e-learning stages of the course through written assignments, multiple choice tests, reflective learning, classroom participation and, where applicable, x-ray simulator tests.

On Completion

Once you have completed each stage successfully, you will be awarded academic credits that you can put towards further studies, such as a Diploma, Certificate or Degree, at Middlesex University.