Metal Detectors

The MIT has been specifically designed for pat down and hand search procedures where the operator wants to be in close contact with the subject being searched. The MIT can be worn on either the left or right hand or one MIT on each hand, giving the operator the power of two metal detectors in use at the same time.

When the operator has located a metal target, the MIT gives an alarm indication by means of a vibration against the wearer’s wrist. As the vibration is to the operator’s wrist and not to the hand, the person being searched does not feel vibration. This offers the operator a covert approach to pat-down procedures. The MIT also gives the operator’s fingers complete dexterity to feel for concealed objects that are of a non-metallic nature simultaneously.

MIT is fully automatic and requires no adjustments for use. It is powered by one standard 9 volt battery or optional NiCad rechargeable battery. There are no visible wires, switches or buttons. Everything is housed in a machine washable, soft stretching neoprene (wet-suit) material.