S.T.O.P. Passport


Airlines that transport an insufficiently documented passenger have to pay a large fine, and often have to assume responsibility for accommodation, medical, repatriation and other related costs.

A relatively small investment in training can increase the proficiency of airline staff in verifying passports, and help them to identify inadmissible passengers, which can literally save an airline many thousands of dollars a year in immigration fines.

This e-Learning document verification course, developed with the assistance of the US & Canadian Immigration Authorities, guides the user through all the stages of checking a passport for signs of forgery and counterfeiting.

It provides hundreds of images of genuine and fraudulent documents, and is designed to improve the competence of all personnel responsible for identifying fraudulent documentation.

Length: 3 hours

Availability: e-Learning & DVD 

Course Modules

This passport course includes 11 modules all delivered using text, video, and narration making it the perfect tool for self-study:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Ultraviolet Security
  • Security Features
  • Biographical Data
  • Photograph Page
  • The Binding
  • The Expiry Date
  • Pages
  • The Inside Cover
  • The Outside Cover
  • Contact less Smartcards


The Passport Test uses multiple choice, hot spot, drag and drop and true or false questions to assess the knowledge that you have gained during the course.

After each question, you are given feedback for each incorrectly answered question as well as an overall score at the end.

Who is S.T.O.P. Passport Course designed for?

This security e-learning course is ideal for all personnel who oversee the verification of identity or travel documents including:

  • All Security Staff
  • Police Officers
  • Military
  • Customs & Immigration Officers
  • Reception Staff
  • Cabin Crew
  • Bank Fraud Prevention Officers