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This unique security seminar brings together the key elements required to develop an effective security operation at any organisation; Design, Profiling & Training Management.

It will include Informative lectures, group discussions, multimedia presentations and expert analysis from our key note speaker Moshe Cohen, former Director of Training and Commercial Development at TWA.

The seminar take place over 5 days and includes 2 modules that can be taken together or individually.

  • Module 1: Passenger Profiling using Behavioural Patterns Analysis

Days 1, 2 & 3 – SGD 810.00

Profiling ensures more time can be devoted to detecting threats as security personnel are able to target suspicious passengers based on their behavioural patterns and target them for additional searches and questioning.

This module teaches the unique skills required to implement a Profiling System within all high security organisations in order to help reduce delays and increase passenger throughput, whilst actually enhancing security.

  • Module 2: Training Management and Screener Compliance

Days 4 &  5 – SGD 540.00

A security system is only as strong as its weakest link. If one component within it is not ready to meet the threat, the whole operation is at risk.

Security managers must, therefore, be able to identify weaknesses within their security system and be able to correct them immediately.

This module focuses on the tools required to manage employee qualification, training, re-training and certification requirements and provides suggestions for monitoring the readiness of single employees, units, departments and equipment within an organization ensuring that compliance and performance standards are being maintained.

General Information

  • Participants can select which of the two modules they wish to attend.
  • There is a discounted price of  SGD 1,250 for participants attending all modules.
  • Fees include lunch and light refreshments daily and course material.
  • Seminar hours: 09:00hrs to 16:30hrs daily
  • Participants will earn a S.T.O.P. Security Training Certificate in Security Design, Techniques and Management Solutions
  • 15% early bird discount for anyone who books a place on the course before the 27th of August.

Who should attend?

  • Airport, airline and seaport security managers and officers
  • Representatives from Embassies and Consulates
  • Police officers and other law enforcement personnel
  • Security managers from corporate companies and postal authorities
  • Security officers from high security installations
  • Government representatives involved in Security
  • Customs and Immigration

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