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We Bridge the Gap Between Technology The Human Factor Security Training Products Services POWERFUL. PIONEERING. INNOVATIVE. Since 1994 Renful Premier Technologies has been at the forefront of advanced security training specialising in the research development and supply of high quality stateoftheart products and services. Our aim is simple to improve the level of training and testing available to security personnel worldwide using cuttingedge technology thats fully customisable to suit different needs applications and sectors. Security training products ongoing learning and security consultancy form the three pillars of our expertise. Which means we can offer clients a range of services including realistic simulations of Xray machines preemployment selection tests multimedia based CBTs simulant explosives screening efficiency monitoring systems and university accredited security courses. We do this by working closely with our clients analysing the potential threats from terrorist and criminal groups and using our indepth understanding of the security industry to develop new training products. Its why government organisations airports ports cargo forwarders high security prisons and police authorities in over 50 countries worldwide trust us to provide products for the selection training and monitoring their security teams train and monitor their security teams. Over half our yearly budget goes towards the research and development of both new and existing products and services such as Simfox our world famous fully customisable X-ray simulator that trains and tests security screeners. SECURITY TRAINING PRODUCTS AND SERVICES ONGOING LEARNING SECURITY CONSULTANCY SERVICES We also offer tailor-made online multimedia security training courses designed to enhance the job performance confidence and expertise of security personnel as well classroom based training seminars delivered by security experts in partnership with Middlesex University. In addition we have extensive experience in providing international security consultancy services to our clients and assisting government and security agencies worldwide in the development of international procedures and best practices to counter threats from global crime and terrorism. PRE-M SIMFOX TREFOX OpSEM OpeReady SSTC SEMINARS SIMULANTS Pre-Employment Test for X-Ray Training Essentials for X-Ray Simulator for X-Ray Operational Readiness Compliance System Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring High Precision Threat Simulants Security Screening Training Center Security Courses and Training CONTENT - CLICK ON PRODUCT Assessment Selection Initial Training Threat Familiarisation An Integrative Approach to Security X-Ray Training Testing Management CERTIFICATION Recurrent X-ray Training SIMFOX TIP Monthly Assessment Monitor Operational Eciency Monitor Covert Drills Initial Detection Experience Certication Post-certicationPre CerticationPre-Employment Pre-Employment Test for X-Ray Threat Image Processor Simulator for X-Ray Training Essentials for X-Ray High Precision Threat Simulants Monitor and Manage the Operational Readiness of your Organisation How does Pre-M work Pre-M checks whether candidates have the aptitudes required to maintain a high standard of X-ray screening through a series of interactive tests. Pre-M includes optional personality testing that identifies whether new recruits have the right personality traits to become successful X-ray screeners. Pre-M generates unbiased reports after the completion of each test as well an evaluation of the overall capabilities of the candidate. Pre-M is calibrated to take into account the score of current employees ensuring that candidates possess at least the same skill level as your existing workforce. A security X-ray screener needs to correctly identify well-concealed threat objects as they rapidly move past on a screen. This requires a skill-set that is difficult to assess in a normal interview. Pre-M software assists employers in selecting the most suitable applicants through a series of interactive tests. This process ensures time and money is invested in the right candidate reduces staff turnover costs and risk. HIRE THE MOST SUITABLE CANDIDATE PRE-M HELPS YOU IDENTIFY CANDIDATES THAT POSSESS THE SKILLS PERSONALITY AND CHARACTERISTICS REQUIRED TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL X-RAY SCREENERS. FAST RELIABLE COST EFFECTIVE Pre-Employment Test for X-Ray 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Colour Identification X-ray screeners are required to discriminate colours representing metallic organic and mixed materials under X-ray conditions. Pre-M uses the Ishihara test to assess candidates for colour vision deficiency CVD. Basic Image Interpretation Under X-ray objects can look very different from their real-life appearance. Pre-M assesses candidates ability to match X-ray images of items with their photo equivalent. Visual Closure X-ray screeners must identify items which are partially covered by other objects. This test evaluates candidates ability to recognise items when only small parts of the item are visible. Pre-M contains a range of state-of-the-art tests including Threat Object Recognition Direct and Angled View X-ray screeners have to identify threats accurately when viewed from different angles. This test assesses candidates basic threat identification skills when objects are presented in various perspectives. Mental Rotation Items often appear in difficult angles within bags however X-ray screeners must be able to identify threats in any position. Pre-M verifies that candidates have the ability to rotate objects in their mind in order to recognise them. Object Recognition Superimposition X-ray screeners must work quickly and have low false alarm rates without compromising security. This test asks candidates to correctly identify an item that has been overlapped by other objects. What are Pre-Ms features VISUAL BRAIN SKILL VERIFICATION Sustained Attention A high level of concentration is required from an X-ray screener. Pre-M measures candidates consistent reaction time to rapidly changing images ensuring that they can focus on their task without loss of attention. Spotting Anomalies Threats are often concealed in everyday objects therefore X-ray screeners must pay attention to the smallest of details. This test asks candidates to spot minor anomalies on X-ray images of innocent items. Personality Test X-ray screeners are required to possess specific personality traits in order to maintain high performance levels at the security checkpoint. Pre-M uses a specialised questionnaire to ensure candidates have the right personality. PERSONALITY 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK How Trefox helps initial training of employees Trefox provides students with the flexibility to learn at their own pace giving them a unique rewarding learning experience. Recruits can skip to specific modules repeat modules they would like to review and even fast forward through modules to a particular point of interest. Trefox is available through e-learning and on DVD. By integrating animations audio images text and video Trefox holds trainees attention more effectively. Trefox contains 10 detailed informative and interesting modules making it the ideal training method for new X-ray screeners. Training employees in a traditional classroom can be expensive as it can involve travel accomodation and other costs. Trefox completely eliminates these expenses allowing students to receive training online. FLEXIBLE LEARNING CAPTIVATING CONTENT COST EFFECTIVE Giving new X-ray screeners a firm foundation in how X-rays work Trefox familiarises new recruits with the functions and terminology required to correctly and safely operate an X-ray machine. THE TREFOX TRAINING SOFTWARE IS DESIGNED TO PROVIDE X-RAY THEORY FOR RECRUITS WHO HAVE NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WORKING AS SECURITY X-RAY SCREENERS. CREATE THE KNOWLEDGE BASE Training Essentials for X-Ray 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Prohibited Items Recruits must be able to spot threats in a variety of shapes and sizes. Trefox explains how to detect threats using interactive animations as well as detailing methods of concealment and standard procedures for identifying bags that need further examination. Limitations of X-ray Bag spacing and positioning is vital to overcoming the limitations of X-rays. In this module trainees will learn how to place luggage onto the conveyor belt. Procedures Proper use of language and procedures is essential to the smooth operation of a security checkpoint. Students will learn the key responsibilites and communication skills necessary to perfom their duties effectively. Health and Safety Trainees have to be aware of the health and safety implications of working on an X-ray machine. The final module of Trefox teaches safe practices in addition to the responsibilites of the Radiation Protection Supervisor. THE JOB OF THE SCREENER Security X-ray Machines Before beginning work as an X-ray screener recruits must know the X-ray machine inside out. Trefox describes each part of the machine in detail teaching recruits how images can be enhanced as well as stressing the importance of team work when operating the machine. X-ray Machine Features X-ray screeners need to know how and when to use the operational controls on an X-ray machine. This module teaches trainees about these controls including which image enhacement functions to use when analysing specific items. History of X-ray It is essential that X-ray screeners gain knowledge on what X-rays are and how they work. Trefox begins by guiding trainees from the discovery of the X-ray to its modern day uses including how lessons learned post 911 have led to vast improvements in X-ray security. Nature of X-rays Security screeners must understand the properties of X-rays. In this module new recruits learn how X-rays fit into the electromagnetic spectrum in addition to how their wavelength affects their characteristics. The X-ray Tube X-ray tubes are a key factor in the functioning of an X-ray machine that trainees must be aware of. This section gives a full explanation on how an X-ray tube works as well as its function within a modern X-ray machine. Penetration and Absorption Trefox teaches recruits how an items material density and position affect its appearance under X-ray ensuring they are able to spot threats quickly and efficiently no matter what angle the bag is at. X-RAY BASICS THE X-RAY MACHINE 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Threat demonstration the safest way Renfuloffers a variety of inert explosive devices explosive device components and simulated drugs as well as training kits designed to provide security trainers with the tools needed to offer effective threat familiarisation and detection training to their staff. All of our products are visually correct and many are X-ray correct therefore ideal for the testing of security personnel as well as for the testing and calibration of screening equipment. We believe that it is impossible for anyone to recognise an item without already being familiar with factors such as its shape texture weight density and other marking features and characteristics. When trying to identify an Improvised Explosive Device IED or drugs it is even more difficult as these items will usually be concealed within other innocent items. REALISTIC EDUCATIONAL X-RAY CORRECT High Precision Threat Simulants GET FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE IN THREAT RECOGNITION OUR RANGE OF VISUALLY AND X-RAY CORRECT REPLICA PRODUCTS WILL OPEN A NEW HORIZON IN THE WORLD OF THREAT RECOGNITION. 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Training kits Training Kits offer a costefficient solution for high quality threat detection training. Our Training Kits contain a variety of explosives detonators replica IEDs and other weapons as well as drugs which are placed in protective briefcases for easy transportation and storage. Drill items Many organisations have covertred team testing carried out on their screening operation in-house or by a governing body. Renful has developed a range of concealed replica IEDs that can be used in security drills such as covert testing of X-ray or bag search. Bodyscanner items All bodyscanner items are made from high quality durable materials. In most cases any blade or sharp area has been blunted to provide a safe training. Simulant explosives and detonators All simulant explosives and detonators are visually and X-ray correct making them ideal for training and assessment of security personnel as well as for the creation of replica IEDs for covert testing. Integration with the Simfox X-ray training system All replica IEDs and weapons can be found in the image library of the Simfox X-ray training simulator. By using Simfoxs bag building feature these items can be placed into bags presenting different levels of detection scenarios. Replica items for multiple applications ASSORTED BY CATEGORY INDIVIDUAL ITEMS 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Adaptable and compliant Can be used in several types of screening applications in Airports Customs Cargo Mail Parliament Buildings Prisons Secure Hospitals and other high security establishments. Meets the EU No 1852010 regulations that require screeners in aviation to undergo 6 hours of X-ray simulation training every 6 months. Any security X-ray operation relies heavily on screeners correctly analysing each image that comes through. It is therefore vitally important that they are trained and certified using realistic X-ray simulators that offer up-to-date challenging and relevant detection training and testing. Simfox was developed after many years of research into ways of providing newly recruited X-ray screeners with the necessary image interpretation skills and experience to be able to detect a wide variety of threat items within a restricted time. UNIQUE CUSTOMISABLE REALISTIC Threat Image Processor Simulator for X-Ray SHARPEN SCREENING SKILLS SIMFOX IS THE MOST REALISTIC X-RAY SIMULATION TRAINING SYSTEM THAT IMPROVES THE X-RAY DETECTION SKILLS OF SECURITY SCREENERS. 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Create bags and containers Simfoxs threat image processor allows trainers to create content of various difficulty by chosing threat and non-threat items and placing them within empty bags pallets and containers available in the database. Items can be placed in different positions presenting various grades of concealment. Simulate and conceal any IED The unique IED Creator allows trainers to create IEDs and hide them in any innocent objects taken from the Simfox database in order to challenge the screeners detection skills. The library includes hundreds of explosive substances detonators mechanisms and power sources captured from different angles. Train and test screeners Every screener has different training needs. Simfox allows trainers to create any number of customised training and testing sessions taking into account screeners abilities work schedule and the required screening environment. Sessions can be securely transmitted via a LAN WAN or internet connection. Payment options tailored to customers needs As all our customers have different X-ray training needs Simfox is available through a number of flexible licencing options in order to meet budgetary and professional training requirements. Adjustable scoring system Simfox contains an easy-to-use scoring system which can be adjusted if required to suit the skill level and experience of the X-ray screeners. Create individualised reports for better assessment Simfox allows trainers to create individualised reports on all capabilities of a screener such as X-ray interpretation skills or processing time. Reports are Microsoft Excel compatible. Review sessions and learn from mistakes Simfox allows X-ray screeners to review every session they take and provides an analysis of each bag and item so screeners can learn from their mistakes and improve their X-ray interpretation skills without the trainer. Outstanding X-ray simulator UNPARALLELED FEATURES TRAIN REVIEW IMPROVE ADAPTIVE TO BUDGETS Dual View database Containervehicle scanner All major X-ray machines simulated 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Simulated image processing Option to createuse manifest Maintaining compliance - a demanding task Staying compliant at all times could be a complex task for any organisation. According to international security regulations such as ICAO Annex 17 articles 12 13 14 of EC 3002008 UK CAA CAP1223 security employees must be periodically trained certificated and subjected to ongoing performance evaluation while security equipment must be maintained and calibrated on time. Ensuring that all tasks are completed and records are up to date can be burdensome. Live reports and alerts Solve these managerial problems with OpeReady a unique Operational Compliance Management System which provides an easytouse tool to management. Developed by operational professionals the system monitors the compliance level of crucial aspects of your organisation and generates automated reports and alerts. GET COMPLIANT STAY COMPLIANT SECURITY COMPLIANCE MADE EASY AND STRAIGHTFORWARD. MONITOR MEASURE IMPROVE 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Self management of compliance factors A straightforward compliance setting system which allows managers to input their own compliance formula for each job role. Traffic Light System The system monitors and calculates the compliance level accordingly and automatically presents it by a user friendly Traffic Light System and graphs. Improving staff performance OpeReady automatically prioritises and schedules compliance tasks. Managers can follow each staff member receive alerts when an employee falls below the required standard promting them to take corrective action. Quick external data input Raw TIP Threat Image Projection data downloaded from X-ray machines is processed analysed and uploaded automatically to all employees personal files along with data from other external sources like Simfox CBT and OpSEM. All these are monitored by OpeReady enabling you to react quickly and improve low performance. Controlling third party security service providers The ultimate security responsibility for any product or service provided to the Entity by contracted entities remains with the Entity including quality assurance of what the 3rd party is providing. UKCAA CAP1223 in case of shared use of OpeReady the system assists both parties to fulfill the quality assurance responsibilities. Equipment maintenance Security equipment such as X-ray machines ETD WTMD and others have to be maintained periodically. OpeReady monitors maintenance activities and alerts on overdue servicing and faults that have not been dealt with. Better compliance begins with OpeReady COMPLIANCE - MADE SIMPLE RAPID DATA ACCESS MONITORING AND IMPROVING COMPLIANCE Organises mountains of data Accurate staff records are essential in maintaining a high compliance level. OpeReady keeps employee details at your fingertips centralising employee records on one easily accessible file making it simple to view and update key compliance data. A sophisticated data analysing system enables you with a few clicks to get any relevant information you need about employees task performance levels units activities and incidents. 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK With more people passing through checkpoints every day the amount of time spent screening a bag is crucial. But how do you increase efficiency without sacrificing security OpSEM Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring delivers a one-fits-all solution that streamlines the interactions between screener and searcher on any X-ray machine. It enables a faster more secure process while supplementing an airports ability to monitor performance and settle disputes. MAKE X-RAY SCREENING FAST AND EFFICIENT OpSEM IS A SYSTEM DESIGNED TO MONITOR AND IMPROVE THE EFFICIENCY OF SECURITY SCREENING. FASTER THROUGHPUT EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS FLEXIBLE IMPLEMENTATION Screener identifies an item of concern Searcher verifies and removes item of concern 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Performance ratings are saved for evaluation purposes Screening slowing down As security standards evolve screeners and searchers find themselves working farther apart on the conveyor belt than ever before. As a result communication is becoming difficult. Searchers often dont know what they are looking for while screeners are focusing on screening the next bag. Marking makes the difference OpSEM helps screeners and searchers work in tandem at any distance through intelligent queuing of trays and two touch screen monitors. The screener highlights which area needs to be searched and for what reason while the searcher provides immediate feedback about his findings. Clearly distinguishable markings of threat or prohibited items appear on the searchers screen leading to a fast and efficient search procedure. How do you benefit from OpSEM FAST AND SMOOTH OPERATION INCREASED EFFICIENCY Consistent performance A checkpoint is only as secure and efficient as screeners make it. To ensure consistent performance OpSEM monitors false alarm rates and throughput revealing any weak points and providing automatic alerts if performance drops below satisfactory levels. Train for efficiency OpSEM is also a powerful training tool that keeps team leaders and trainers up-to-date with screeners performance enabling them to review each automatically saved image together with the screener and discuss incorrect decisions. 1 Identification All trays are fitted with a barcode. 2 Registration OpSEM scans each tray as they enter the X-ray machine. 3 Marking Via a touch screen the screener is able to quickly mark an area within the X-ray image of the bag that requires searching. 4 Transport The searcher receives trays. Barcode reading provides tray recognition. 5 Search The X-ray image of the bag along with the marked area and the reason for search appears on the screen. Once the search is concluded results are compared to the screeners original markings. Full compatibility OpSEM can be installed on any type of X-ray machine 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Benefits of SSTC franchise Training schools throughout Europe have already acquired an SSTC franchise following the introduction of the EC No 1852010 regulations that requires security screeners in aviation to complete 6 hours of X-ray simulation training in every six month period. Our SSTCs have been able to considerably increase their sales and expand the services they provide to their customers. The SSTC Security Screening Training Center franchise helps independent training companies and schools provide high quality security training services and products to their clients. While many training providers have sufficient knowledge to provide security training many lack the technologies and marketing expertise required to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of the industry. This is where Renfuls know-how and decades of experience can assist you. TECHNOLOGY EXPERTISE MARKETING SUPPORT Security Screening Training Center EXPAND YOUR SCREENER TRAINING SERVICES LET RENFUL EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS WITH ITS UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE TRAINING TECHNOLOGIES AT A LOW START-UP COST AND WATCH YOUR BUSINESS GROW. 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Simfox SSTCs receive the Simfox X-ray simulator at a reduced annual fee and are only required to pay a small commission when the system is actually used for training. Its the perfect tool for expanding your training offerings into new sectors such as airports cargo forwarders or other high security establishments. Computer Based Training Courses Purchase CBTs at a reduced fee to complement the training you sell to your clients. Once installed the courses can be taken an unlimited number of times without any extra charge. Courses can also be accessed online using an e-learning platform. Pre-M Pre-M our easy-to-implement suitability test for screeners is available at a discounted price online or as a standalone program installed on SSTC computers. Offering the selection test to your clients will ensure they can hire the best candidates for the job. Deepen your knowledge expand your network SSTCs receive free marketing assistance and discounted access to Renful seminars and open days which are held throughout the world every year. Open days offer a great way to introduce your company to new clients and showcase your SSTCs expertise to the industry. SSTCs are given a dedicated area on the franchises main website where they can introduce their company and advertise their offerings. Replica threat and contraband products SSTCs enjoy discounted prices on Renfuls entire training product suite which they can sell on to clients or use them as part of their training services. This includes Renfuls unique training kits which contain learning materials a range of simulant explosive substances IEDs IED components and drugs. All these come in a protective metal briefcase for easy transportation and storage. Why start an SSTC DISCOUNTED LICENCE FEES COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING PRODUCT SUITE GROW BUSINESS TOGETHER 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Training seminars delivered by Renfuls team of security specialists do not only focus on the latest security procedures and practices but also address the issue of maintaining throughput while upholding the required level of security. Renfuls various courses and seminars are aiming to provide an actionable skillset in the most challenging areas of security which include X-ray image analysis identity and document check counter terrorism profiling techniques checkpoint management and border security. BETTER SECURITY THROUGH INNOVATIVE TRAINING SEMINARS FOCUSING ON KEY ASPECTS OF THE SECURITY INDUSTRY. COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATIVE CUSTOMISABLE Security Courses And Training DOCUMENT VERIFICATION FORGERY DETECTION PREDICTIVE PASSENGER PPROFILING X-RAY IMAGE ANALYSIS BORDER SECURITY EFFECTIVE CHECKPOINT MANAGEMENT COUNTER TERRORISM PAST EVENT ANALYSIS EFFECTIVE SECURITY TRAINING 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK Expert training tailored to your needs Suspicious Renful provides predictive profiling seminar for various applications such as airport security border control and customs. The necessity to deploy profiling is driven by the need for conducting vigorous security checks while processing high passenger volume. Courses are delivered by expert trainers with vast experience in the area of risk assessment behavioural detection. Spot identity fraud The seminar aims to teach participants the skills to recognise false documentation such as altered and counterfeit passports and to implement profiling so attention can be devoted only to those individuals who may be imposters andor holders of forged documentation. Participants will be introduced to the subject of questioning techniques and discussing the usefulness of document examination equipment. Defending boundaries The modern border security approach includes various requirements to prevent smuggling of weapons WMDs contraband items and to stop human trafficking. Renful offers border security training courses in various disciplines such as the transport facilitation of people and goods by risk assessment and profiling the use of dedicated security equipment i.e. mobile and gantry container scanners body scanners radiation detection units document verification and trace detection equipment. Develop the X-ray eye The effective interpretation of an X-ray images requires skills and practice. The course is delivered by qualified instructors and featuring the Simfox X-ray simulator the platform used for hands-on detection exercises. Courses are available for particular screening applications and customer profiles e.g. border control aviation security customs police etc. as well as for specific X-ray machines such as baggage pallet container vehicle and body scanners. PREDICTIVE PROFILING DOCUMENT VERIFICATION X-RAY IMAGE ANALYSIS TRAINING A holistic approach This seminar takes a close look at industry regulations and best practices to help participants designing and maintaining an effective security checkpoint with the prime goal of preventing a terror attack but without compromising throughput and passenger experience. The course is targeting security professionals in managerial position who will be introduced to Renfuls innovative training suite designed for the recruitment training and monitoring of security personnel deployed at checkpoints. Lesson learnt The seminar aims to contribute to the prevention of terror attacks by providing in-depth study of perpetrators motivations and methods. Attendees will learn about the history of modern terrorism and explore the modus operandi used by terrorists in the past two decades. CHECKPOINT MANAGEMENT COUNTER TERRORISM 44 0 208 457 9111 44 0 208 457 9222 Winston House 2DollisPark London N31HF UK BORDER SECURITY Our Innovation Your Security Our Offices UK Headquarters Renful Premier Technologies Winston House 2 Dollis Park London N3 1HF United Kingdom Tel 44 20 8457 9111 Fax 44 20 8457 9222 Renful Hungary Renful Systems Kft. 12. 59. Dohny Street Budapest 1074 Hungary Tel 36 1 781 3133 Email Web