How to hire a really good security x-ray screener

Security x-ray screening is a difficult job. It requires great attention to details, concentration skills in loud and busy environments and the ability to work confidently at speed with no mistakes.

These are all skills that people copy and paste into their CVs as they know exactly what their potential bosses want to hear.

However, how do you actually find out whether someone is exactly who they say they are without going through hours of expensive training.

Pre-M – X-Ray Screener Suitability Tests

Pre-M delivers 8 tests developed by psychologists that take approximately 45 minutes to complete. These tests evaluate the concentration, attention to detail, visual dexterity and personality of a candidate.

The results are displayed automatically in a report which explains whether the candidate has the relevant skills and personality traits to become a successful x-ray screener.

Pre-M is used by many organisations throughout the world and is constantly updated and refined based on data sent back from customers.

The system‘s interface has recently been updated and it is now available both as a standalone version and online.

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