Kazakhstan Open Day

Participants from various Kazakhstan security organisations including the Police Department, CAA, Airports and Customs have attended an open day on the subject of Recruitment, Training and Compliance Management for security personnel in Astana.

During the free Open Day Renful introduced its state-of-the-art technologies and security courses, including:

  • Pre-M (Pre-employment Testing System)
  • Trefox (Training Essentials for X-ray – CBT)
  • Simfox (Simulator for X-ray)
  • OpeReady (Operational Readiness and Compliance Management System)
  • OpSEM (Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System) software as well as the range of its simulated explosive and drug training kits.
  • Profiling and document Verification Courses.

These Open Days provide a great opportunity for you to discover how our products work and how they can be implemented into your security training operation to improve the confidence, knowledge and skills of your employees.

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