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The MIT has been specifically designed for pat down and hand search procedures where the operator wants to be in close contact with the subject being searched. The MIT can
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TZ 20

Our new TZ-20 is the first of a new range of products to incorporate  Fully integrated "Active Probe Technology" ("APT".) It is simple to use and enables the operator to locate
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AD 2600S

Model AD2600S features our latest development in "Linear Detection Technology." This detector is our most sensitive unit to date and pushes the boundaries of high sensitivity metal detection
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AD 2500

Model AD2500 features single push-button operation, but also has the ability to enable the user to manually adjust the sensitivity. This is particularly useful for greater performance flexibility.
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AD 2300

Our model AD2300 is the first in our new "Ultra Series" metal detectors. This fully automatic unit features high speed, high definition technology with the simplicity of single push button
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AD 17

When our model AD17 was first put into production, it raised the standards of fully automatic, high sensitivity hand held metal detection to a new level. It features a
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AD 16

Our model AD16 has been very effective when the user demands greater sensitivity and a higher definition search capability. With its built in digital auto ranging circuitry, this Read More


Model AD11-2 has simultaneous audio/visual alarm facility, with the added ability, via a two-position rocker switch, to turn off the audio sounder, giving the operator a "visual only" alarm indication,
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