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UV-1160 Series

UV-1160 A large twin lamp ultraviolet document viewer fitted with two 6 watt linear tubes and a stainless steel reflector with access so that large documents (long edge A4 size) may
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UV-1140 Series

The UV-1140 series is ideal for checking ultraviolet safeguards on documents and detecting mechanical and chemical erasures. They include an additional cover (UV-S) for high ambient light working areas and
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A convenient hand-held 4 watt ultraviolet source with an additional white torch for checking indented writing, raised paper fibers caused by mechanical erasures, watermarks, security threads and perfect resolution.
  • Batteries: 4 x
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A pair of eye protection spectacles useful for prolonged and close up use of our criminal investigation lamps. They will prevent any possibility of eye strain where usage exceeds the
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Retro Viewer

The Retro Viewer is a hand-held viewer designed to check the 3M Confirm™ laminate that is used on many passports and identity cards to discourage the substitution of the holder’s
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Stamp Loupe

The Stamp Loupe is used to check the size of printed features and typeface sizes. It has a 10x magnification and a graduated reticule in millimeters and degrees for angular
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