Renful Workshop at Almaty International Airport

On the 8th of October 2013 Renful has conducted a one-day workshop on the subject of Selection, Training, Testing and Monitoring of Security Personnel with the participation of senior management of Almaty International Airport in Kazakhstan.

Participants were introduced to Renful’s comprehensive approach and range of products designed to emphasise the importance of the human factor in aviation security. Renful believes that security personnel should be carefully selected, trained and monitored continuously while being challenged extensively throughout their employment. Renful is recognised as the industry leader in the area of pre-employment assessment, computer based training and simulation, operational compliance  and screening efficiency management.

Since 2012 Renful has provided several courses to government agencies in Kazakhstan under the US State Department Export Control and Related Boarder Security (EXBS) Programme.


Pictures from the Workshop:


OpSEM Live Demo using Rapiscan X-ray Equipment