T.I.P. Results to be Monitored: Are you Ready?

All Airports and Cargo/Mail companies throughout the EU will soon be required to provide records of their screener’s T.I.P. (Threat Image Projection) results to their local governing bodies.

Screeners that have not been tested on a certain amount of T.I.P. images within a set period or have not correctly identified enough virtual images will need to undergo adaptive training to improve their weaknesses.

What is T.I.P.?

T.I.P projects images from a library of threats onto random bags and containers passing through CBS, HBS and Cargo/Mail x-ray machines.  It is used to routinely test the ability of screeners to detect weapons and explosives while on the job.

T.I.P. is available with all major x-ray machine manufacturers; however, extracting the results into meaningful reports requires hiring an analyst.

How Can We Help?

OpeReady – Automatic Analysis of T.I.P. Results

image001OpeReady is browser based software that monitors the operational compliance level of departments and individual employees within an organisation.

T.I.P. results can be quickly imported into OpeReady where they will be analysed and displayed within performance graphs and reports.

  • Import T.I.P. Data into Reports & Graphs
  • Alert Managers if screeners are, or at a risk of becoming,  non compliant
  • Identify Specific Weaknesses in Screener Detection Skills
  • Suggest specific training sessions on Simfox for adaptive training

Simfox Gear – Automatic Import & Analysis of T.I.P. Results

image001 (1)Simfox Gear is a screener evaluation tool that has been designed to ensure the effective implementation of X-ray detection skills gained during CBT training using Simfox.

It is deployed as a tool for OJT (On the Job Training) and can be installed on any x-ray machines carrying out CBS, HBS and Cargo/Mail X-Ray Screening.

Automatic T.I.P. Analysis

Simfox Gear gathers information from T.I.P. and feeds it automatically into OpeReady.

It is able to provide real time alerts and reports to managers and supervisors concerning the performance of each screener.

Review all Decisions Made during Operation

Screenshots of each bag seen by the screener along with their actions taken are also saved on OpeReady.

This enables screeners to review mistakes they have made within the operation and learn from them.

Identify Weaknesses in Screeners during Operation

Information from Simfox Gear is displayed in OpeReady via graphs and reports that can be accessed and exported from a computer situated away from the checkpoint.

OpeReady will automatically suggest focused training sessions on the Simfox X-Ray Simulator.

Simfox – X-Ray Simulator Training using T.I.P. Images

RPSDV2Simfox is an EC 185/210 compliant security x-ray simulator. It delivers training at all levels for all major single and multi view x-ray machines including Smiths-Heimann, Rapiscan, L3 and Gilardoni.

Simfox offers a database that includes the latest TS11 DfT library of T.I.P. images. This ensures security screeners will get experience identifying the same types of threats in the classroom as they will be required to do in operation.

For more information and to arrange a demo, please contact us by phone: +44 208 457 9111 or email: info@renful.co.uk